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McGillicuddy Corrigan Agronomics is dedicated to the concept that you will always be your own best agronomist on your own farm because you are there every day and it is your money on the line. Our mission is to enhance your personal agronomic skill so you can make better choices on your own farm every day.

In addition to enhancing your individual agronomic expertise, because we do not commission or sell any agricultural product or chemical, McGillicuddy Corrigan Agronomics is dedicated to providing unbiased technical and information support services allowing you to make your own informed and unbiased decisions.

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Through agronomic education we hope to give professionals a stronger basis in which to build their agronomic ventures. If you are interested in joining an Agronomic Education Group in your area please visit our services page.

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Our Mission

McGillicuddy Corrigan Agronomics was formed to provide unbiased, practical field agronomic support and education to growers and Ag professionals. We see a need for basic agronomic education for these individuals and feel we can fill the void, giving them a stronger basis in which to build their agronomic ventures. MC Agronomics is lead by two individuals with complementary skill sets, including expertise on soil mechanics, crop physiology, pest management, and field research.

John McGillicuddy is an independent Agronomist based in Iowa City, Iowa. In addition, John contracts with Wyffels Hybrids, Peterson Farms Seeds, and other independent seed companies, providing technical support to their sales staffs. John was previously under contract to American Agrisurance (AmAg), then the largest crop insurance company in the US. His duties for AmAg included evaluating agronomic techniques to reduce risk in cropping systems and serving as a technical advisor for AmAg's agronomic, GPS and mapping services division. John also serves farmer clients directly in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky and Tennessee, and is a Certified Crop Advisor in Iowa.

John was educated in Chemistry at the University of Iowa and has been employed for 35 years in hybrid and fertility research, field agronomy, technical support, and weed science in the upper Midwest and the Southwest. He has served as a regional development agronomist for 2 seed companies and was the Director of Agronomic Research for IGF Crop Insurance. John has contracted with companies and organizations including American Cyanamid, Bayer Crop Science, NC+ Hybrids, Wyffels Seed, Monsanto, Wilbur Ellis, Boeing Aerospace, The Independent Professional Seedsman Association, USDA/NRCS and the NASA Satellite Remote Sensing Center.

John has been the keynote speaker for audiences of up to 1000 at numerous agronomic conferences including Kansas State University's "Residue Management Conference" and "Ag-Vision 2000 Conference", Texas A&M's "High Plains Irrigation Conference", The North Dakota Corn Growers annual convention, Penn State University's "Professional Crop Management Conference", and the "No-till on the Plains Conference".

Since 1993, John has authored and presented Certified Crop Advisor training programs for Wilbur-Ellis, American Cyanamid, ICI/Garst Seed Company, IGF Crop Insurance and numerous other companies. He has also authored and presented board approved CCA CEU programs in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.

Karen Corrigan has degrees in Agronomy from the University of Illinois and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her education emphasized crop protection with her thesis work conducted in the area of weed science. Karen has published work on the effects of tank-mixing herbicides with glyphosate at different application timings, a study funded by the Wisconsin Soybean Board. In addition to her thesis work, Karen was involved in research on corn, sweet corn, peas, alfalfa, and dry beans. During graduate school Karen also co-instructed the Special Problems in Weed Science course and served as a coach for the undergraduate team to the North Central Collegiate Weed Science contest.

Karen has served as a technical agronomist for American Agrisurance (formerly IGF), serving Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri. In this position she has aided clients in developing weed management programs, particularly managing weed escapes. Karen has also conducted field visits with clients, providing one on one education. She has presented educational seminars on agronomic topics to growers and Ag professionals, including CCA training. Karen also developed and implemented the on-farm testing program for AmAg. She developed protocols, worked with farmers to set-up and conduct trials, collected and analyzed data, and put the results into a user-friendly format for our clients. She has tested agronomic practices including seed treatments, insecticides, inoculants, and nitrogen rates.

McGillicuddy-Corrigan Agronomics provides all levels of agronomic training, agronomic services, contract research for Ag professionals and farmers. Presentations for grower meetings, complete GPS/GIS services, soil and plant testing, equipment research and agronomic consulting for crop and seed production are also available. These services can be provided on an individual basis or by forming an "access group" of companies or large producers.

For more information contact John McGillicuddy or Karen Corrigan.
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Groups of farmers learning to make agronomic decisions on their own farm that are not driven by product sales. These groups aim to bring insight on modern agronomic education in an unbiased environment to your location.

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